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District Message

The coding for absentees are as follows: M-Medical which is used ONLY if a student is in attendance at some point before or after they attend a medical appointment. This is not school policy it is required by the state. A-Excused Absence used if the student is gone for entire day to a medical appointment, being sent home by the school nurse or if a parent calls in for their child being sick. N-Parental Note used if a parent or child brings in a note for their child's absence. Parents may send a note up to three (3) times per semester for any reason they deem necessary. U-Unexcused Absence is used when students do not return with a note of any kind or do not have any legitimate excuse for absence. E-Extracurricular is used when students are not in attendance due to school related activities. ***ANY OR ALL NOTES MUST BE TURNED INTO THE OFFICE WITHIN (3) THREE DAYS OF THE STUDENT'S ABSENCE**




If you have previously set up an account, you may want to check the ALERTS tab to customize the alert messages on your child's portal. If you have more than one child on your account, you will need to change the settings on each child.